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Wood Fencing Key Features

We install wood fences in both Western Red Cedar and Imported Cedar in a wide variety of styles. At Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa, we build our wood fences with the highest-quality products that result in the strongest and most durable wood fencing possible.

Wood fences are beautiful additions to Oklahoma properties all across the region, and we build ours with strong steel posts for optimal durability in the harsh weather and winds that we can experience. Our steel posts are made with either round or square construction and are crafted with the best practices and industry standards to ensure your fence will stand for years!
All of our wood rails are made from premium professional-grade wood and are available in a range of grades depending on the requirements of your project. Each picket and panel of a fence is connected to the posts by its rails, therefore it is crucial that they be sturdy and reliable.
Western red cedar pickets are far stronger than builder-grade wood or any other treated wood picket. We select all of our wood pickets from premium lumber and the natural oils in cedar make it resistant to insect infestations, rotting, and harsh weather conditions. Because of these oils, cedar fences also age quite well. We offer pre-staining of our fences, or you can choose to stain your fence after it has been installed.
key features of Wood fencing in Tulsa Oklahoma

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Wood Fencing Custom Top Finishes

Wood fencing can be customized in a number of ways! We install a wide variety of wood fence styles in Oklahoma that will benefit from a well-designed wood fence, and you can have it built in any way you choose.

Gothic Pickets - Wood Fence Option in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gothic Pickets

The tops of our pickets can be shaped into the traditional Gothic shape - which is very popular for wood fences with a more traditional style.

French Gothic Pickets - Wood Fence Option in Tulsa, Oklahoma

French Gothic Pickets

The tops of our pickets can be shaped into a decorative French Gothic shape which maintains a traditional look while adding a slightly more decorative flair.

Cap and Trim - Wood Fence Option

Cap and Trim

This wood fence has a truly finished look and would make a great-looking boundary around your property.Whenever we install the cap and trim style on a new wood fence in Oklahoma it gets rave reviews from our clients.

Straight Dog Ear Top - Wood Fence Option

Dog Ear Finish Top

The dog ear design is a common choice for wood privacy fences in Tulsa because it provides a touch of flair without taking away from the fence's simple beauty or privacy.

Convex Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Convex Top

Another popular choice for wood fences in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the convex top cut. Just about every style of wood fencing can be finished with the convex cut - including wood picket fences.

Concave Top Cut - Wood Fence Option

Concave Top

Some of our Oklahoma clients choose the concave top cut, the inverse of the more popular convex top cut. It's entirely up to you to decide what looks best and how you want your house or business to appear.

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Styles of Wood Fencing

There are many styles of wood fencing and we've included our most popular ones below.

Wood Board on Board Style Fence - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wood Fence

The wood fence style is constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets where every other board is attached to the opposite side of the fence rails, creating airflow.

Wood Traditional Privacy Style Fence - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wood Fence
Traditional Privacy

Among the most traditional privacy fence styles, traditional fences are constructed with wood boards that are placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel.

Wood Shadowbox Style Fence - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wood Fence

Alternating boards on either side of the rail create an attractive look on both sides of the fence, which is one of the best features of a wood shadowbox fence.

Wood Picket Fence - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wood Fence

The classic wood picket fence is one of the most traditional fences you can have. The perfect addition to your front yard or any other outdoor space.

Wood Post and Rail Fence - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wood Fence
Post and Rail

A wood post and rail fence is an economical and attractive way of enclosing large spaces or marking the boundaries of your property.

Wood Horizontal Fence - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wood Fence

Horizontal wood fences are a contemporary variation of standard wood fencing styles. This style is a perfect pairing with modern-style homes.

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The Benefits of Wood Fencing

There are far too many advantages of wood fencing to mention, but here are a few that are key to those considering a wood fence around their Oklahoma property.

example of a Aluminmum privacy fence in Tulsa Oklahoma

Our Wood Fences are High Quality

We use high-quality cedar pickets and cap and trim boards and pressure treated pine back rails for our wood fences, for their durability and strength. Cedar wood is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, giving it a longer lifespan than other wood fences. Our skilled installation team is fully trained in the most effective and efficient methods to ensure that your wood fence will last for years to come.

Our Wood Fences are Naturally Beautiful

The natural charm of wood fencing looks great in practically any setting. The quality of the wood will shine through whether you choose an open picket fence or a tall privacy style and will surely make a beautiful border for your home and enhance your curb appeal.

Our Wood Fences are Strong

An expertly installed wood fence that has been properly maintained will look great for many years and will stand up to the Oklahoma climate. Our skillfully made wood fences are a great fencing solution!

Pricing on all fencing materials can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of wood fencing is usually lower than some other types of fencing. Keep in mind that wood fencing needs to be maintained by sealing and staining it over time, so its maintenance should be considered in the total cost of your purchase.

Using wood as the material for your fence is a great idea if you're looking for a way to increase your level of privacy at your home or business! Wood fences may be installed with pickets placed closely together for full privacy or spaced in semi-private styles, depending on your tastes and needs. Wood fence is a very popular choice for those who desire seclusion and solitude in their space.

Many of our customers in the Tulsa region are enjoying the benefits of our wood fences. The best way to decide whether it's the perfect fence material for you is to think about what you want to achieve and then consult with our experts to see what they recommend. Wood fencing can be a stylish addition to any area in need of privacy, defined boundaries, or curb appeal. It's very adaptable and one of the most flexible fencing options available.

Your wood fence should be protected with a high-quality stain sealant, but the decision is ultimately yours to make. We offer pre-staining for our wood fences with professional-grade Wood Defender brand oil-based stains. Applying the proper coating of stain to your fence is not only the greatest way to preserve its aesthetic appeal but also its durability. Please feel free to contact our fence professionals at any time for more advice or information on staining your fence.

When properly maintained, Cedar is one of the most durable and long-lasting woods and can last up to 20 years. Wood is a natural material and will eventually become susceptible to rot and warping, however, if properly maintained with high-quality paint or stain and examined regularly for damage, a wood fence may last for decades while adding value to your home.

Wood fences do require more maintenance than other types of fencing, but the work is well worth it. To protect your wood fence, make an investment in high-quality stain and reapply it every few years. Additionally, it's important to frequently check your fence for indications of wear and tear, such as warped or broken boards, and to fix these areas as soon as possible. Regular maintenance could considerably extend the life of your wood fence.

Wood Fence FAQs

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