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Want to work with the local Catoosa Oklahoma authority on fence installation and repair? Speak to the professionals at Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa! Since 1952, our fence experts have been guiding our customers with selecting the best layout, design and materials for their property and needs. We can order the fencing materials you'll need and arrange for installation, whether you want it done professionally by our team or prefer to tackle the job yourself.

Install a New Fence in Catoosa Oklahoma

Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is the best place to find answers to all fence-related questions!

For fences that create high security, full privacy and look great while lasting a long time, speak to our team today for your fencing needs whether residential or commercial. We can handle your job!

Catoosa OK
Preferred Fencing Types

Residents and business owners in Catoosa can choose from many different types of fences to meet their own needs and goals. We offer a wide range of fence options in Catoosa and the surrounding area, such as decorative, security, and privacy fencing.

Catoosa OK Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences

If you're looking for a modern, sleek style of fencing for your property in Catoosa Oklahoma, then our aluminum fences will not disappoint! Our aluminum fences feature horizontal, powder-coated panels that are lightweight and surprisingly strong and will allow your property to stand out from the crowd!

Catoosa OK Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are one of the most popular types of fencing in Catoosa, both for homes and businesses, because they are one of the most useful. Many property owners prefer chain link fences because they are strong and affordable.

Catoosa OK Ornamental Iron Fences

Ornamental Iron Fences

Ornamental iron fences are popular with homeowners and business owners in Catoosa because they have an exceptionally elegant look, last a long time, and don't need much upkeep. Aluminum fencing is the only kind of fence that many pool owners want around their pools.

Catoosa OK Wood Fences

Wood Fences

Wood fences are common in and around Catoosa for a good reason. Wood fencing is a great choice for a wide range of uses because it is natural and easy to change. This is especially true if you want to match the color of your home or business to your fence, as the options are endless.

Catoosa OK FenceTrac Fences

FenceTrac Fences

FenceTrac allows homeowners to truly choose their own style. This unique, patented fencing system offers residential and commercial property owners the ability to use nearly any type of infill for the panels, from red cedar or corrugated metal to bamboo, welded wire, vinyl, PVC, metal screen, wood rails, and so much more! FenceTrac rail systems are strong and secure while also being beautiful.

Chat With An Expert

The team at Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is experienced and knowledgeable and glad to help you with any information or answers you need. After working in the business for so many years, we know that we can help you find the best options for your Catoosa Oklahoma property.

Wood Fences in Catoosa Oklahoma

Wood fences are eco-friendly, natural, and versatile, making them an excellent choice for property owners in the Catoosa OK area. There are many ways to customize wood fences and they come in several designs and styles. They are also able to be stained or painted in a variety of colors, giving residential and commercial property owners many options for personalizing their fence. These are a few of the most popular styles in and around the Catoosa Oklahoma area.

Catoosa OK Shadowbox style wood fence

Catoosa Oklahoma Shadowbox Style Wood Fences

Shadowbox fencing is semi-private and is created by alternating the pickets on either side of the fence. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. Shadowbox looks great from both sides, making it an excellent "good neighbor" option for Catoosa OK homeowners who are installing a fence on a shared property line.

Catoosa OK stockade style wood fence

Catoosa Oklahoma Privacy Wood Fences

Traditional and attractive privacy wood fences for Catoosa property owners are available in both stockade and board-on-board designs. The top of the fence can be designed with dog-ear, flat top, cap and trim, convex, concave, or Gothic pickets depending on your style preference. Privacy fences are usually available from 4' to 8' tall. When you need a fence that offers both security and style, full privacy is an excellent choice.

Catoosa OK cap and trim style wood fence

Catoosa Oklahoma Picket Wood Fences

Picket fences are a classic option, evoking the tradition and nostalgia we all know and love. They add an attractive border and are suitable for yards, gardens, and even pool enclosures. A crisp, white picket fence gives homes a friendly, stylized look that welcomes visitors to the home.

Catoosa OK horizontal style wood fence

Catoosa Oklahoma Post and Rail Wood Fences

Post and rail wood fences are great options for Catoosa Oklahoma property owners. They are functional, practical, and attractive and are perfect for marking a clear property line or adding an ornamental fence to increase curb appeal. Post and rail fences can also be used to keep large animals penned in.

Catoosa Oklahoma Privacy Fences

Catoosa homeowners and business owners can choose between a wide range of privacy fence styles that look great and last a long time. Privacy fencing is one of our specialties!

Catoosa Oklahoma wood privacy fencing

Catoosa OklahomaWood Privacy Fences

One of the most common options for fencing in Catoosa is a privacy fence made of wood. Many people are drawn to the natural aesthetic and practical benefits that wood fences often have, not to mention the broad range of designs that can be achieved by our experienced craftsmen.

Catoosa Wood Privacy Fencing
Catoosa Oklahoma FenceTrac privacy fencing

Catoosa OklahomaFenceTrac Privacy Fences

A modern alternative to wood or vinyl, FenceTrac privacy fences in Catoosa are not only attractive and long-lasting, but they are sure to look good for many years without any inconvenience to you. This revolutionary, patented fence system allows property owners to choose any infill for the strong metal rails, creating a one-of-a-kind fence. It's no wonder FenceTrac fences are a popular choice for creating privacy!

Catoosa FenceTrac Privacy Fencing

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Our FREE online Fence Estimator Tool allows Catoosa OK's property owners to quickly and easily compare costs for various layouts, choices, and types of fencing for their property. Get a free, no-obligation pricing quotation today!

Fence Installation From the Catoosa Pros

Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is proud to be among the best-reviewed fence installation businesses in Catoosa. We welcome the chance to demonstrate our quality service and friendly customer care!

Catoosa Oklahoma DIY Fence Installation

We Have the Fence Installation Expertise and Know-How!

Whether your fence project is big or small, we deliver the highest quality service in Catoosa. Our professional installers use only the most reliable methods and industry standards to install your fence, no matter which material or style you choose. You can count on the professionals at Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa to build you a great fence that lasts!

Catoosa Oklahoma residential and commercial fencing

Find Your Perfect Fence in Catoosa with Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa

Every person has a different reason for wanting a new fence in Catoosa. Each of them is just as important as the next! Whether you need a residential fence for your home or a commercial fence for your business property, we can help you choose the absolute best fence that works for you!

Residential Fences in Catoosa Oklahoma

There are many different materials to consider when choosing residential fencing. These include aluminum, wood, ornamental iron, FenceTrac, and chain link in Catoosa OK. Each material type will have several different style, color, and design options so the variations are endless. We guarantee that there is a style of fence that will meet your particular needs.

Catoosa Residential Fencing

Commercial Fences in Catoosa Oklahoma

The same basic materials used in residential fencing are also used for commercial application but are often manufactured with a heavier grade material which makes them that much stronger in order to provide a more substantial barrier. It is common for commercial fences to be installed in order to take care of one or more problems.

Catoosa Commercial Fencing

Catoosa Oklahoma Property Owners: Meet Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa

When You Need Reliable, Professional Fencing Services in Catoosa OK Look No Further Than Our Locally Owned and Operated Company Serving the Area for Since 1952.

Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is known across the Catoosa OK area for offering the latest fencing designs and highest-quality products around. Our options are sure to improve your property value and aesthetic and bring you the security you are looking for in a fence.

Give us a call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable fence experts about your fence project plans. We even sell our high-quality products and materials to the public if you're thinking about putting up a fence yourself. We love to help customers all across the Catoosa region find the perfect fit with the fence of their dreams!

3 Easy Steps to Buying a Fence in Catoosa

Nobody wants the process of buying a fence to be complicated. That's why we've made the process a simple one! We've been installing fences since 1952 and have the expertise necessary to make your fence purchase and installation a great experience. We are ready to help you, so let's get started on your fence project!

Buying a Catoosa fence - Step 1

Available Fence Options

Check out all of the available fence options in both residential and commercial fencing materials to determine which type best fits your needs. All of our fences are high quality and come with warranties for your peace of mind.

Buying a Catoosa fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence Solution

Once you've explored our fencing options, make your selection and customize your design with our expert team at Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa. We can help you decide on which fence best meets your needs and fits your budget.

Buying a Catoosa fence - Step 3

With Our Professional Installation

Take advantage of the experience and quality workmanship from Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa to have your fence professionally installed at your Catoosa Oklahoma, property. Our team will schedule your installation at a convenient time for you at our earliest availability.

Chat With An Expert

The team at Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is experienced and knowledgeable and glad to help you with any information or answers you need. After working in the business for so many years, we know that we can help you find the best options for your Catoosa Oklahoma property.

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Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is your trusted Catoosa fence contractor and has been serving customers in the area since 1952. With our extensive experience and professional staff, you can trust that Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa offers the best modern fencing products and services to meet your home or business needs.

Yes! Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is licensed and insured for every job that we do across the Catoosa area. You can be assured that with our professional workmanship and expert staff that we'll take care to do every job under the safest and most professional guidelines possible.

We take pride in our work, and all of our fence installations in Catoosa and the surrounding area have a 1-year workmanship warranty on every job we do. Many of our fence materials also have manufacturer warranties. You can get additional details about our warranties by just giving us a call or contacting us on our website.

Easy! Just give us a call. We'll put you on the schedule and get you a full estimate for your Catoosa fencing job as soon as possible.

You can also use our instant fence estimator to get an online quote. Simply enter the details of your property information and you will receive an estimate to give you an idea of pricing quickly and easily.

Many of our customers in the region are enjoying the benefits of our wood fences. The best way to decide whether it's the perfect fence material for you is to think about what you want to achieve and then consult with our experts to see what they recommend. Wood fencing can be a stylish addition to any area in need of privacy, defined boundaries, or curb appeal. It's very adaptable and one of the most flexible fencing options available.

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