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Please browse our frequently asked questions, and feel free to call us if your question is not answered here. We are always here to help!

Does Allied Fence accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards. For credit/debit card payment online or by call-in, we charge a convenience fee. Customers may always pay by cash, check, or in-person credit/debit card to avoid this fee.

Does Allied Fence accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns within 10 days of purchase on most items. We do not accept returns for special-order and custom items or for pickets purchased in bundle quantities. All returns require inspection to determine that the items are in like-new condition. We apply a 20% restocking fee.

Fence Installation FAQ

Do you give “per foot” pricing?

Allied Fence avoids the typical “per foot” pricing model. Every job is unique. Pricing is impacted by soil conditions, number of fence corners and terminals, gates, and obstructions. You may also need special services such as tear out of old fencing or temporary fencing for pets or around a pool. One of our salespeople will visit your site to complete a thorough analysis of your job as well as to learn about what the specific requirements are for your fence project. 

Who calls for marking utility lines?

Allied Fence will call to have all public utilities located; however, private auxiliary lines are not located unless the customer does it at customer’s expense. Allied Fence is not responsible for damage done to underground obstructions including but not limited to sprinkler systems, septic systems, auxiliary power to lights, buildings, or landscaping, sump pump lines, drainpipes, and pool or hot tub lines.

Who is responsible for complying with neighborhood covenants and local ordinances?

The customer is responsible for informing Allied Fence of any local ordinance or neighborhood covenant requirement(s) on fence type, height, or any other aspect regarding fence installation.

Is Allied Fence insured?

We are fully insured. We carry general liability, auto, and workman’s compensation.

Does Allied Fence offer a warranty on its installations?

Allied Fence's warranty covers defects in workmanship within the Scope of Work performed by Allied Fence within one year of the completion of the project.  Some materials, such as vinyl and ornamental fencing, are covered by manufacturer warranties which may be longer than Allied Fence’s workmanship warranty.

Am I responsible for any preparation before installation?

Yes. You will need to clear the area of the fence line of all vegetation, vines, tree stumps, etc. before Allied Fence can start your fence installation.

I share a fence with one or more neighbors. What do I need to tell them about my fence installation?

We recommend communicating with any neighbor who will be affected by the installation of your new fence, including the removal of any old fence, as soon as you have paid your deposit. When we tell you the approximate starting date of your project, communicate with your neighbors again, especially if they have pets. Allied Fence may begin working as early as 8 am and stay as late as 6 pm (specifically in the spring and summer months).

What does the law say about fences for adjoining property owners?

Allied Fence cannot give legal advice. Use a web search to inform you of your rights and responsibilities.

My neighbors will be sharing the cost of my fence project. Will Allied Fence bill each neighbor separately?

Allied Fence will only bill you as the primary homeowner who made initial contact with us. Allied Fence may break down the cost for each homeowner as a convenience to you; however, it will be your responsibility to collect payment from each participating neighbor. If you fail to collect payment, you will be responsible for making payment in full to Allied Fence.

Does Allied Fence offer financing?

Allied Fence does not offer financing at this time.

Does Allied Fence offer fence repair services?

Yes; however, we have a minimum labor charge plus materials.

Will Allied Fence remove dirt, rocks, boulders, vegetation, or trees as part of my fence project?

No, removal of these items is not part of our service.

What types of weather conditions will affect the schedule of my project?

Any weather other than “sunny and calm” has the possibility of impacting the schedule. Weather hazards (e.g., hail, tornados, strong straight-line winds, low wind chill, etc.), and/or poor travel conditions may cause us to halt your project for the safety of our crew. The impact of rain depends on the amount and where we are in your project. Several inches of rain will have a bigger impact than a few sprinkles. You should always contact your salesperson/project manager with any questions.

Fence Material Purchases FAQ

Will Allied Fence order special items for me?

Yes, if we do not carry the item in stock, we will do our best to locate and order it for you. These items must be paid for in advance and cannot be returned.

Allied Fence has many surplus items that we sell at a discount. Check with us to see if we have what you need!

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