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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of the most popular questions we get asked by customers like you!

Company FAQs

Absolutely! Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa is covered with all the proper licensing and insurance needed to run our fencing operations all across Oklahoma.

Our woman-owned company has the reputation and experience necessary to handle all types of fencing jobs both with residential properties as well as commercial spaces. We run our business with integrity and quality and work to provide every customer with the security solutions they need most. When you need a custom job done, our team is prepared to handle it from design to completion. Reach out today and speak with one of our team members to get your questions answered.

We install a wide range of fence types all across Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma, and from those, our most popular ones are wood fences and chain link fences, followed closely by aluminum fences and ornamental iron fences. The best fence for your needs is dependent on what your main priorities are! If you're looking for high security, privacy, or a decorative accent, there are many options available to choose from that are high quality and long-lasting.

Yes! We often use our professional expertise to help customers with the best fence design to fit their needs. Our team of pros are happy to help you with any questions you may have and find the best fencing solution available.

We carry stock of many of our fence materials and styles that are able to be purchased on-site at our company office and yard right in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If there is anything you need custom built, our fence technicians can help with that, too! We have all of the materials you need to build your own fence from the nails, concrete, and even some tools for the job. Whether you are a contractor or a property owner looking for a fence, our fence team is here to help!

Getting a fence estimate is easy! Simply click on our "free estimate" tool to get a fast estimate for wood privacy fence and chain link fence in minutes! You can choose from all of our fence designs and types and get an estimate based on the size of your property and fence layout. If you'd like an estimate on any other type of fencing, reach out to us through our online contact us form or give us a call to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates.

Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa does not provide financing at this time.

Residential Fence FAQs

It's easy to get an estimate from Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa! Our easy-to-use Instant Estimate Tool allows you to get an estimate on wood privacy fence and chain link fencing with just a few clicks. Or you can simply reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or give us a call and our friendly fence pros will walk you through the process of getting a quote for any of our fences. Be sure to have the measurements of your property and take a look at the types of fencing we have available on our website before you call. We'll be happy to help you design your fence and get the perfect solution for you!

The property owner may be required by some city municipalities to apply for a building permit with the planning or zoning department prior to construction and must conform to all height and setback requirements. When planning to install a fence, be sure to check with your specific municipality and follow their procedures.

The type of material and style you select will affect the price of your fence. Pricing is also reliant on the size of your property in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the current cost of materials. It's simple to request an estimate! To find out which fence best suits your demands and budget, just contact our team using our online form or give our office a call.

Every one of the fence installations comes with a 1-year workmanship warranty to cover our labor for your peace of mind. Manufacturer warranties are also included based on the specific type of fence and style you choose. Ask our fence experts about the fence you would like, and they will get you the answers you need.

There is no bad time of year to get a fence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There are certain times during the year when our installation schedule is busier, but our fence team always does its best to get you the fence you need right when you need it. Reach out today to find out what our current schedule looks like!

Commercial Fence FAQs

If you aren't sure what type of fence is best for your needs and goals at your Tulsa, Oklahoma commercial property, our team is here to discuss it with you and give you advice on the benefits and features that comes with each fence we offer.

To find out what fence works best, look through the types of commercial fences we offer and the styles we carry, and compare it to the benefits you need for your business. Some fences are best installed for privacy, like wood fences and FenceTrac. Others work best for security and strength, like aluminum fences and chain link fences. If your purpose is mainly decorative, both aluminum fencing and ornamental steel look amazing!

Whether you are looking for one or more of these benefits from your fence, our professionals can help you make the perfect choice and solution.

Your fence should be positioned inside your commercial property line. It's important to check with your local tax office or building department to find out if there are specific restrictions for your property. Sometimes there are set-back lines that are designed to make sure you and your neighbors don't encroach on each other's property. Your best bet is to find out from your town, and even check with your commercial neighbors for courtesy's sake if you plan on putting up a tall fence so they know what to expect.

The main difference between commercial fencing and residential fencing is the gauge of the metal or the thickness of the fence material. Often, commercial properties require a higher level of security, and our commercial-grade fencing is manufactured to be stronger overall. Within commercial-grade fencing, there are multiple levels based on the type of fence you desire. For an even higher level of security and strength, industrial-grade fencing can be installed.

The cost of your commercial fencing will be dependent on the type of fence material, style, and grade you choose. Normally, commercial-grade fences are built to a higher degree of strength to give optimal security for your space. When you choose commercial-grade fencing, it will reflect a higher price point than the residential versions of the same type, but overall, you can analyze your needs and compare our entire line of fencing products to determine what fits your needs and budget best!

Our fence experts are just a quick message or call away! Reach out to us through our form online and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also call us and speak directly with one of our friendly staff during our office hours.

Aluminum Fence FAQs

Fencing made of aluminum is a popular option for homes in the Tulsa, Oklahoma region. An aluminum fence provides a stylish and safe enclosure for your house or business thanks to its many useful features. If you're interested in purchasing an aluminum fence from Allied Fence Co. of Tulsa but haven't seen the details, please read more on our aluminum fences page or give our team a call.

In order to secure a property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a metal fence, such as an aluminum fence, is a great option. Lightweight aluminum may give the impression that it isn't strong, but don't be fooled! These fences are as durable as other metal fences and can endure the variable weather we experience in the Tulsa region.

Aluminum fences require very little maintenance throughout the years. The material has been treated carefully to prevent rust and corrosion, and it requires very little maintenance during its long lifespan. The occasional mild wash with a water hose, a gentle, non-abrasive home cleaner, and a sponge should be sufficient. Apart from that, you should not need to do anything!

Powder-coating your aluminum fence prevents corrosion and makes regular maintenance a breeze by sealing in the final color under a chemically bonded layer. It's accomplished by applying an electrostatically charged powder to the metal and baking it into a smooth coating.

Yes, they do! Our aluminum fence manufacturer offers an impressive Limited Lifetime Warranty on their products ensuring that all aluminum fencing materials and powder-coated finishes will be free from manufacturing defects for the entire duration of the warranty period. In addition, we also offer a 1-year workmanship warranty for every fence we install. We take pride in our customer care and craftsmanship!

Protecting your dogs in the yard with an aluminum fence is a fantastic idea. But be aware, that if your dog jumps or scratches at the fence, it could damage the protective powder-coat finish.

Chain Link Fence FAQs

As one of the most economical types of fencing, chain link fences have a lower upfront cost than many other types of fencing. Of course, the cost of your chain link fence is dependent on the size of your area to be enclosed as well as the gauge you choose for the metal mesh. Get a quote from our experts today, to find out which options work best for your needs and budget!

Chain link fencing is a very low-maintenance type of fence. When you have a chain link fence installed, you practically do not need to do anything to it to keep it looking great. The galvanized coating will protect your fence and keep it standing strong for many years. For extra longevity, choose our PVC-coated fences. The PVC coating adds an extra layer of durability, which prevents rust and is more visually pleasing. If it does become dirty, you can always hose it down with water, but otherwise, there's no need for extra care.

Chain link fencing in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an option that many residential and commercial properties choose for their security and safety so when you're looking for practical and economical fencing, chain link is a great way to go. A chain link fence will easily provide an area for animals and children to play safely within the borders of your residential property and business owners can protect their materials and property with a chain link security fence.

Yes, chain link fences are available in heights ranging from 3', 4', 5', and 6' in residential chain link to 6', 7', 8', and 10' in typical commercial fencing. They also come in a variety of grade levels based on your security needs. Residential chain link fencing is normally the most economical. After that, commercial and industrial grades of chain link fences can be installed for spaces needing added security.

It's fairly easy to secure your chain link fence from being able to be pushed out for an animal to escape. All you need to add is a bottom tension wire that will reinforce the fabric and frame. Tension wire can be added in a variety of gauges just like the chain link fabric itself can be adjusted. If a tension wire is not enough, a bottom rail could also be installed for a stronger barrier.

The property owner may be required by some city municipalities to apply for a building permit with the planning or zoning department prior to construction and must conform to all height and setback requirements. When planning to install a fence, be sure to check with your specific municipality and follow their procedures.

FenceTrac Fence FAQs

Many homes and businesses in the Tulsa area have the FenceTrac rail system installed on their property. They're a popular choice among our Tulsa, Oklahoma customers because they are long-lasting, fully customizable, and need little upkeep while providing protection, privacy, and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

FenceTrac's patented U-channel metal fence frames are formed from galvanized 18 gauge steel for superior strength and durability. FenceTrac also has a durable textured matte powder coat finish consisting of a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash (with zinc phosphate) followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of TGIC polyester powder coat, providing an industrial, weather-resistant finish.

It sure will! The FenceTrac framework is rackable, meaning that it is able to be adjusted to accommodate sloped grades of land.

FenceTrac rail systems are designed to be used with nearly any type of rigid infill, so you can create the exact look you want. This innovative fence system can accommodate any infill thickness up to 1", so the possibilities are endless! Some of the popular choices include cedar, pine, vinyl, corrugated steel, wire mesh, and composite boards.

Definitely! FenceTrac is popular due to the privacy it provides in certain installations. Depending on the infill you choose, you can have full privacy, partial privacy, or an open concept. Consider your privacy requirements and choose the right infill material from the options available on the market.

The FenceTrac system itself needs almost no upkeep. If having a low-maintenance fence is a priority, choose an infill material that also has the need for only minor maintenance, like galvanized steel, vinyl, or composite boards. With the right choice of infill, your new fence just has to be washed occasionally to look great for many years to come.

Wood Fence FAQs

Pricing on all fencing materials can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of wood fencing is usually lower than some other types of fencing. Keep in mind that wood fencing needs to be maintained by sealing and staining it over time, so its maintenance should be considered in the total cost of your purchase.

Using wood as the material for your fence is a great idea if you're looking for a way to increase your level of privacy at your home or business! Wood fences may be installed with pickets placed closely together for full privacy or spaced in semi-private styles, depending on your tastes and needs. Wood fence is a very popular choice for those who desire seclusion and solitude in their space.

Many of our customers in the Tulsa region are enjoying the benefits of our wood fences. The best way to decide whether it's the perfect fence material for you is to think about what you want to achieve and then consult with our experts to see what they recommend. Wood fencing can be a stylish addition to any area in need of privacy, defined boundaries, or curb appeal. It's very adaptable and one of the most flexible fencing options available.

Your wood fence should be protected with a high-quality stain sealant, but the decision is ultimately yours to make. We offer pre-staining for our wood fences with professional-grade Wood Defender brand oil-based stains. Applying the proper coating of stain to your fence is not only the greatest way to preserve its aesthetic appeal but also its durability. Please feel free to contact our fence professionals at any time for more advice or information on staining your fence.

When properly maintained, Cedar is one of the most durable and long-lasting woods and can last up to 20 years. Wood is a natural material and will eventually become susceptible to rot and warping, however, if properly maintained with high-quality paint or stain and examined regularly for damage, a wood fence may last for decades while adding value to your home.

Wood fences do require more maintenance than other types of fencing, but the work is well worth it. To protect your wood fence, make an investment in high-quality stain and reapply it every few years. Additionally, it's important to frequently check your fence for indications of wear and tear, such as warped or broken boards, and to fix these areas as soon as possible. Regular maintenance could considerably extend the life of your wood fence.

Ornamental Iron Fence FAQs

With their durability and long-lasting design, ornamental iron fences are a great choice for many residential and commercial properties across the Tulsa area and beyond. The variety of styles, colors, and decorative options make ornamental iron a versatile option that can accommodate many fencing requirements.

One of the most appealing aspects of ornamental iron fences is their resistance to rust and corrosion. The metal's engineering and the protective coating it comes with help assure a long-lasting product with minimal maintenance and no peeling or chipping. You can also have peace of mind thanks to the manufacturer's warranty, which protects your fence.

Another great benefit to using ornamental iron is that it is recyclable and can be put to use for something else. You will likely never need to replace your ornamental iron fence and they can last for decades. The material is easily recyclable and reusable and can be easily melted down and repurposed. So, the chance that your metal fence will end up in a landfill is very low.

Ornamental iron fences hold up well to all weather types, including rain and snow. Plus, it is pest-resistant. You won't need to worry about termites or other insects gnawing on its parts. They also won't warp or fade due to water or excessive sun exposure.

You can expect an ornamental fence in the Tulsa area are made to last a lifetime! It is not surprising that ironwork from the past has endured for so long given the sturdy, resilient metal it is made from. The durability of your ornamental iron fence is affected by a number of variables, including the climate, maintenance, and protective coating, but despite these, you can be confident that your fence will last for a very long time.

Ornamental iron fencing needs very little maintenance over its lifetime at your Tulsa property. For the most part, all you need is water and a cleaning liquid to keep your fences in pristine condition. Being proactive is the best way to make sure your fence will last without any issues by not planting bushes too close to your fence and avoiding damaging your fence with lawn tools. Other than a rinse every now and then, your ornamental iron fence should need no major cleaning or repairs, and you'll also receive a manufacturer's warranty that should cover major problems for your peace of mind.

Corrugated Metal Fence FAQs

Corrugated metal fences require almost no upkeep. Both the posts and rails, as well as the corrugated metal panels, are low-maintenance and will look fantastic on your property!

When considering a corrugated metal fence installation in Tulsa Oklahoma, it's important to check local regulations regarding permits. While regulations may vary based on factors like fence height and location, securing a permit is typically necessary. Our team can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with local regulations while delivering the privacy and durability you seek for your property.

Whether you need a residential or commercial corrugated metal fence, we understand that you want a great fence and you don't want to wait forever to get it! Generally, our estimation and installation timelines are based on a large number of factors and are highly variable. To get the most accurate estimate for the timeline of your projects, reach out to us, and we will be happy to help!

Other things can delay the start of a fencing project. If you select a fencing material, style, color, or option that needs to be special ordered, you may experience some delays while waiting for your project to start. As always, our team will be able to answer any questions you may have.